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Leaving for Uni… | Be Momentful

Leaving for Uni…

beam me up!

Know someone about to fly the nest and launch their uni career? It’s not rocket science, but leaving home for the first tim ...

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Office Politics | Be Momentful

Office Politics

every office has its characters...

Every office has its characters. There’s the gossip, the clown, the optimist, the pessimist, the one that leaves at 4:55, t ...

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Friday 13th… | Be Momentful

Friday 13th…

very superstitious

Watch out – it’s Friday 13th today! Does that put shivers of fear down your spine? Or is it just a load of supers ...

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I lied… | Be Momentful

I lied…


We’ve probably all been a bit of a Pinocchio at some point in our life; telling little fibs that we think we’ll get away ...

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Back to School!! | Be Momentful

Back to School!!


FINALLY! The kids are back at school!  It’s time to revel in the fact that it’s now someone else’s job ...

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Oops! Sorry I forgot your Birthday! | Be Momentful

Oops! Sorry I forgot your Birthday!

belated birthday

This month we will be exploring the theme of things we find really hard to say. We kick off this week with a pretty straight- ...

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Daft about Dogs | Be Momentful

Daft about Dogs

let's put our paws together

The human-canine bond has been built upon thousands of years of co-evolution. Throughout history, humans have provided food a ...

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It’s Yorkshire Day | Be Momentful

It’s Yorkshire Day

ee, by gum!

Yorkshire, the biggest English county, has given the world some wonderful things: the KitKat, Wensleydale Cheese, Sean Bean ...

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