The mobile-to-mobile app for sending digital cards

More immediate than a greetings card…more heartfelt than a message

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snazzily upmarket

awesome artwork

all killers, no fillers

stay connected

get armpit close

...anywhere, everywhere

amazing value

your choice

send one, send many, send to groups

safe as...

totally private.

even your secret love notes are safe with us!

curated... darling

top shelf

we only sell the good stuff

Be Momentful

The power of the moment at your fingertips

Meet the App
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Browse it, write it, send it, save it, share it, treasure it…

or pop in your personalised calendar to remind yourself ahead of the big day


Get sending and receiving Moments in an instant – watch our ‘how to’ videos:

Be Momentful
Be Momentful
Be Momentful
Be Momentful