New Year

Bring on 2020!

As the festive fog of Christmas clears, reality starts to hit… well, hellllooo consequences!
As we waddle into the New Year, carrying the overindulgence of food and family attention, we are stopped briefly in our tracks to confront the recollections of our hazy festive misdemeanours and excesses…

So surely this now leads to the inevitable ‘new year, new me’ type guilt-trip? Or even: ‘new decade, new life’ scenario? Gulp…

Sure, January is a brilliant time to start afresh – whether it’s investing effort in a healthier body or a healthier heart and mind – but remember it’s also super easy to fall off the wagon. After all, it’s cold outside and summer seems a loooong time away. So why not just say yes to another mince pie? Why not keep the indulgences going?

Just say NO friends!

Good times are only good times because they do have to come to an end. Otherwise, there would be nothing to look forward to. This is where we must now suck it in, stick together and keep each other real.

Whether it’s a sharing a moment of encouragement, or issuing a firm ‘put the cake DOWN’, we must keep each other on track this new year – and we have a stack of Moments in the Be Momentful app for us to support each other along the way.

And remember, it may be a new year, but hey, any day is a good day to start anew. So why not today?

Happy New Year everyone!

1 January, 2019.