Eco-Friendly Christmas

It’s 2019 and we’re all more environmentally-aware than ever, as we worry about climate change being a very real and unavoidable crisis.

And we don’t get a free pass at Christmas either, if anything, it gets worse: millions of trees are pulped each year in the name of festive wrapping paper and cards – and don’t even get us started on all the plastic and gaudy tinsel decorations…

In the interest of saving the planet, even a little bit this Christmas, here are 5 ways to be more imaginatively eco-friendly:

  1. Wrap presents with old socks – don’t worry about washing them, the added scent from your trainers adds a more personal touch! (Failing that, why not try recycled paper, or something re-usable like a cereal box!)
  2. Not sure whether uprooting a real tree is better or worse than displaying a plastic Christmas tree in your home? – Neither option is particularly sustainable, so why not decorate something you already have in your own home? How about your partner’s favourite chair? Or the swiss cheese plant in the corner? (Or simply purchase a potted tree and replant it outdoors in the new year!)
  3. Cooking up a Christmas feast? Save on tin foil by gathering your family in the kitchen, arming each person with a fork, and inviting them to tuck into each piece of food as it comes straight out of the oven – it’ll never be hotter and will seem like you’ve rustled up a 13-course meal! (Alternatively, just cover the food temporarily with a glass or ceramic lid. Simples.)
  4. Go digital with your Christmas cards! Even recycling is an energy drain. Avoid it entirely and send a Moment instead!
  5. Hide in a cave and don’t come out until the evenings are lighter! Zero footprint!

Some of these options might be a bit far fetched… but it has got you thinking, right?

10 December, 2019.