Christmas Gift

The Greatest Gift for Christmas

For some, there’s nothing more exciting than buying Christmas gifts; taking the time to find something special, unexpected and well thought-out that you hope will warm the cockles of someone’s heart.

But for others, the process of choosing and buying gifts for family and friends isn’t always so straightforward. What if you don’t actually know what they like? Do they really need anything? What if they need to travel a long way (with baggage restrictions) to get the gift home? What if they’re in the middle of moving house and are looking to reduce the amount of stuff in their home and not add to it? Does the gift look more or less expensive than the one you got them last year? Sometimes it just starts to feel like a horrible exercise in ticking boxes…

Giving gifts at Christmas should be fun and fulfilling – it shouldn’t bankrupt you or cause you stress and anxiety – and it shouldn’t be used to measure how good a friend or family member you are.

So, the greatest and easiest gift you can give at Christmas is to boost someone’s emotional well-being. Just reach out to your loved ones this Christmas and simply tell them how happy they make you – not just at Christmas but all year round!

Now that’s a gift worth giving… and receiving! It’s a Christmas double-whammy!

16 December, 2019.