Thank You

The BIG thank you

Okay, so we’ve done the lot! Scoffed one (or even two!) Christmas dinners, indulged ourselves at a few drinks parties, opened presents galore, passed out on the sofa in a food coma whilst missing the clearing up (oops) – some of us might even have been driven the length of the country whilst napping.

One way or another, there has been a whole lot of giving going on this Christmas. And we’ve all done a fair bit of receiving too…

So, now is the time to show how well brought up we are and – before we fall into the next round of New Year excess – it’s time to pause for a moment to say our heartfelt thank yous for what we have gratefully received.

No ifs. Not buts. No excuses.

We make it simple at Be Momentful. You can ping out a dozen heart-warming and gracious thank you Moments during the next ad break! And you never know… you may even get invited back next year!

And also… a BIG thank you to all our Be Momentful customers for using the app this Christmas!

27 December, 2019.