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Coping Alone | Be Momentful

Coping Alone

Be Momentful’s own in-house psychologist, Louise, helps bring some perspective to what we might be experiencing during lock ...

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Where’s your head at? | Be Momentful

Where’s your head at?

A very good question once posed by electro-funksters, Basement Jaxx. Thanks guys. Just as spring edges its way over the murky ...

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We’ll meet again | Be Momentful

We’ll meet again

“’In these uncertain times, I am taken back to my time during World War Two, when we all pulled together and looked a ...

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You’re a star! | Be Momentful

You’re a star!

It’s Employee Appreciation Day and our very own Steve at Be Momentful helps companies to improve employee wellbeing in the ...

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We love stuff | Be Momentful

We love stuff

We can’t help ourselves.  Everyone has a penchant for collecting some object of desire – usual culprits include shoe ...

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Love is…. | Be Momentful

Love is….

There are over a thousand pop songs with “love” in the title… with many artists trying to define the very essence of lo ...

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And the Winner Is… | Be Momentful

And the Winner Is…

Oscar night

Hot on the heels of last week’s BAFTAs comes the glamour-fest of them all – the Oscars. A night traditionally renowned fo ...

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The Honeymoon Period for Resolutions is Over! | Be Momentful

The Honeymoon Period for Resolutions is Over!

January is the month of good intentions. Many of us vow to make positive changes and or start new diets or exercise regimes.& ...

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