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Interview with James Booker | Be Momentful

Interview with James Booker

James Booker's Moments are the best kind of bright, bold, colourful fun. Here James gives us the lowdown on where his ideas c ...

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7 ways to beat artist’s block | Be Momentful

7 ways to beat artist’s block

Creativity does wonders for your mental health. So, it’s no wonder that when you wake up in the morning and sit down to wor ...

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Bright & Beautiful | Be Momentful

Bright & Beautiful

Colours are powerful. They're not just pretty or expressive – they make us feel, think, and react. ...

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Winners Announced! | Be Momentful

Winners Announced!

5th February 2021 After three months of extended deliberation, and a great deal of nail biting, our panel of judges have fina ...

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Around the World in 7 Artists | Be Momentful

Around the World in 7 Artists

We're so proud that our fabulous artists come from all over the world! ...

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Have Pride | Be Momentful

Have Pride

In case anyone is wondering where all this talk about Pride has come from, here’s a brief summary: Pride is a commemoration ...

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No Limits | Be Momentful

No Limits

Many of you (of course!) have been eagerly anticipating World Bicycle Day! There are 2 billion bicycles in the world; that av ...

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When this is all over… | Be Momentful

When this is all over…

When this is all over, I’ll visit my Mum.We’ll sit in her garden drinking Pimm’s in the sun. When this is all over, I ...

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