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Work Xmas Party | Be Momentful

Work Xmas Party

It's Chriisttmaasss!

OK, you got through the year. Your bosses are murmuring warm words of appreciation, and there’s rumour of a New Year promot ...

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App Version 2.1!!! | Be Momentful

App Version 2.1!!!

out now!

We’re super excited to reveal that version 2.1 of Be Momentful is now available to download, bursting with some excitin ...

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The Most Emotional Time of the Year | Be Momentful

The Most Emotional Time of the Year

That’s it, it’s December! Christmas has landed. Are you ready?? Christmas, and all its baubly, mulled-wine loveliness, is ...

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Checking In | Be Momentful

Checking In

take a moment

This time of year can be really difficult for some – do you know anyone who needs checking in on? A straight-forward ...

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To Good Health! | Be Momentful

To Good Health!

stay well

As we enter the colder, darker months, nasty bugs and viruses linger in the damp air around us, ready to swoop in through our ...

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Halloween | Be Momentful


spooky season

The thrill of Halloween is upon us – and we love it! Vampires hosting dinner parties, with zombies serving food that lo ...

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National Cat Day | Be Momentful

National Cat Day


Our cats appreciate us oh so very much – even if they don’t show it all the time (we’re looking at you, Whiskers… ...

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Diwali | Be Momentful


festival of lights

The time has come to put those pretty lights up – and no, we don’t mean Christmas lights (please just try and wait a coup ...

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