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Flower power | Be Momentful

Flower power

All this month, with the transition from dark winter to lighter spring on the way, we’re going to celebrate the irresistibl ...

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We love stuff | Be Momentful

We love stuff

We can’t help ourselves.  Everyone has a penchant for collecting some object of desire – usual culprits include shoe ...

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Love is…. | Be Momentful

Love is….

There are over a thousand pop songs with “love” in the title… with many artists trying to define the very essence of lo ...

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And the Winner Is… | Be Momentful

And the Winner Is…

Oscar night

Hot on the heels of last week’s BAFTAs comes the glamour-fest of them all – the Oscars. A night traditionally renowned fo ...

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Eco-Friendly in 2020 | Be Momentful

Eco-Friendly in 2020

love sending, love trees...

If you’ve not heard of Greta Thunberg or David Attenborough, that’s ok (not really), but maybe just take a minute to goog ...

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The Year of the Rat | Be Momentful

The Year of the Rat

happy chinese new year

You may or may not be celebrating Chinese New Year tomorrow, but around a sixth of the world’s population will be. It&# ...

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Blue Monday | Be Momentful

Blue Monday

It’s Blue Monday today. Blue Monday is supposedly the most depressing day of the year… It’s still dark and cold (possib ...

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The Health Kick | Be Momentful

The Health Kick

Three fun facts about Christmas calories: Health nutritionists believe that many of us consume over 4,000 calories on Christm ...

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