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Diwali | Be Momentful


festival of lights

The time has come to put those pretty lights up – and no, we don’t mean Christmas lights (please just try and wait a coup ...

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Nice to See You | Be Momentful

Nice to See You


Hello, you look nice today! In school, we were taught not to use the word “nice”… Why say “nice” when there are ...

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Sorry… | Be Momentful


the hardest word

They say it can be the hardest word… Fessing-up when we are in the wrong. We can find ourselves somewhere on the spectrum o ...

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When life isn’t Picture Perfect | Be Momentful

When life isn’t Picture Perfect

world mental health day

We all know the first rule about mental health is: you don’t talk about mental health. But is that the right thing to do? L ...

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Monday | Be Momentful


get in the bin

It’s Monday. What more can we say? Here’s a Monday-appropriate Moment for when you just couldn’t care less. Get in the ...

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National Poetry Day | Be Momentful

National Poetry Day

you're a poet and you know it!

It’s National Poetry Day, the perfect chance for us to play with words that say how we may feel, like being open and having ...

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Pester your friends! | Be Momentful

Pester your friends!

go on...

Send them a Moment! ...

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Meeting Follow Up | Be Momentful

Meeting Follow Up

keep the momentum

So that meeting went well, then? You rocked up in your best blazer and your shiniest shoes. Handshakes were firm, eye contact ...

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