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Interview with Milkyprint | Be Momentful

Interview with Milkyprint

We sat down with Mongs, the artist and illustrator behind Milkyprint, to discuss creative processes, what keeps her creative, ...

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Interview with Jennifer Hines | Be Momentful

Interview with Jennifer Hines

We sat down with illustrator and lettering artist, Jennifer Hines, to discuss her inspirations, creative processes and what i ...

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Interview with Grimm Inc. | Be Momentful

Interview with Grimm Inc.

We sat down with Ileana Grimm, the hilarious artist behind the Canadian gift company Grimm Inc., to talk inspirations, creati ...

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9 moments for nature lovers | Be Momentful

9 moments for nature lovers

From hikers to gardeners, and eco-warriors to house plant obsessives, there’s a Moment for every outdoorsy type. ...

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Interview with Josephine Wall | Be Momentful

Interview with Josephine Wall

We sat down with world-renowned fantasy painter (and now Moment creator) Josephine Wall to discuss her inspirations and how s ...

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10 inspiring quotes for creatives | Be Momentful

10 inspiring quotes for creatives

Whether you’re in a creative rut, or simply want to add a boost of positive energy to your week, there’s no doubting the ...

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Interview with James Booker | Be Momentful

Interview with James Booker

James Booker's Moments are the best kind of bright, bold, colourful fun. Here James gives us the lowdown on where his ideas c ...

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7 ways to beat artist’s block | Be Momentful

7 ways to beat artist’s block

Creativity does wonders for your mental health. So, it’s no wonder that when you wake up in the morning and sit down to wor ...

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