Bring on 2020!

As the festive fog of Christmas clears, reality starts to hit… well, hellllooo consequences!
As we waddle into the New Year, carrying the overindulgence of food and family attention, we are stopped briefly in our tracks to confront the recollections of our hazy festive misdemeanours and excesses…

So surely this now leads to the inevitable ‘new year, new me’ type guilt-trip? Or even: ‘new decade, new life’ scenario? Gulp…

Sure, January is a brilliant time to start afresh – whether it’s investing effort in a healthier body or a healthier heart and mind – but remember it’s also super easy to fall off the wagon. After all, it’s cold outside and summer seems a loooong time away. So why not just say yes to another mince pie? Why not keep the indulgences going?

Just say NO friends!

Good times are only good times because they do have to come to an end. Otherwise, there would be nothing to look forward to. This is where we must now suck it in, stick together and keep each other real.

Whether it’s a sharing a moment of encouragement, or issuing a firm ‘put the cake DOWN’, we must keep each other on track this new year – and we have a stack of Moments in the Be Momentful app for us to support each other along the way.

And remember, it may be a new year, but hey, any day is a good day to start anew. So why not today?

Happy New Year everyone!

1 January, 2019.

The BIG thank you

Okay, so we’ve done the lot! Scoffed one (or even two!) Christmas dinners, indulged ourselves at a few drinks parties, opened presents galore, passed out on the sofa in a food coma whilst missing the clearing up (oops) – some of us might even have been driven the length of the country whilst napping.

One way or another, there has been a whole lot of giving going on this Christmas. And we’ve all done a fair bit of receiving too…

So, now is the time to show how well brought up we are and – before we fall into the next round of New Year excess – it’s time to pause for a moment to say our heartfelt thank yous for what we have gratefully received.

No ifs. Not buts. No excuses.

We make it simple at Be Momentful. You can ping out a dozen heart-warming and gracious thank you Moments during the next ad break! And you never know… you may even get invited back next year!

And also… a BIG thank you to all our Be Momentful customers for using the app this Christmas!

27 December, 2019.

The Most Momentful time of the Year

If you’ve managed to survive the slings and arrows of Christmas shopping, wrapping, decorating, cooking and travelling… Now’s the time to sit back, relax and soak in the magic of Christmas.

Okay, so at times we can be forgiven for thinking: “Is this really worth the expense, stress and hassle…?” But, whether you have your family and loved ones with you, or whether (through choice or not) you are on your own, just take a moment to stop and think about all the Christmases you’ve ever had. Been a quite few by now, right? Some of them may be best skipped over: like the very early one when Santa didn’t quite bring the right present and you had a tantrum; or the year you were ill with flu; or the one with the terrible family row; and the one where you were driving for six hours in snowbound roads and missed Christmas lunch…

When you think about it, even during the difficult times, Christmas Day is still the time where we hold tight our memories of childhood family and loved ones. Sure, New Year’s Eve is about friends, frolics, fizz and fun and that’s still to come! But Christmas Day… that’s a Moment for feeling the love for those close at hand and sometimes not so close.

It’s never too late to let someone know you are thinking of them at Christmas. If you’ve forgotten someone’s card or just been too flogged to find time. Get your phone out and send a Moment. It really couldn’t be easier. Merry Christmas one and all.

25 December, 2019.

Calm Down

We’ve all experienced the last-minute panic – dashing down the high street like a headless turkey – and what for? A last-minute stocking filler? Her favourite perfume? The almost-sold-out mega-toy rumoured to be the last one left in the next town? Fresh mint (because a jar of sauce just “won’t do”…)? It’s a race against time. Personal reputations are at stake!

Or are they? Really? Or is it just a tyranny? Do your friends a favour… take the sting out of the Christmas tale. Tell them how much being with them matters more than all those things. They make Christmas perfect.

24 December, 2019.

The Greatest Gift for Christmas

For some, there’s nothing more exciting than buying Christmas gifts; taking the time to find something special, unexpected and well thought-out that you hope will warm the cockles of someone’s heart.

But for others, the process of choosing and buying gifts for family and friends isn’t always so straightforward. What if you don’t actually know what they like? Do they really need anything? What if they need to travel a long way (with baggage restrictions) to get the gift home? What if they’re in the middle of moving house and are looking to reduce the amount of stuff in their home and not add to it? Does the gift look more or less expensive than the one you got them last year? Sometimes it just starts to feel like a horrible exercise in ticking boxes…

Giving gifts at Christmas should be fun and fulfilling – it shouldn’t bankrupt you or cause you stress and anxiety – and it shouldn’t be used to measure how good a friend or family member you are.

So, the greatest and easiest gift you can give at Christmas is to boost someone’s emotional well-being. Just reach out to your loved ones this Christmas and simply tell them how happy they make you – not just at Christmas but all year round!

Now that’s a gift worth giving… and receiving! It’s a Christmas double-whammy!

16 December, 2019.

Eco-Friendly Christmas

It’s 2019 and we’re all more environmentally-aware than ever, as we worry about climate change being a very real and unavoidable crisis.

And we don’t get a free pass at Christmas either, if anything, it gets worse: millions of trees are pulped each year in the name of festive wrapping paper and cards – and don’t even get us started on all the plastic and gaudy tinsel decorations…

In the interest of saving the planet, even a little bit this Christmas, here are 5 ways to be more imaginatively eco-friendly:

  1. Wrap presents with old socks – don’t worry about washing them, the added scent from your trainers adds a more personal touch! (Failing that, why not try recycled paper, or something re-usable like a cereal box!)
  2. Not sure whether uprooting a real tree is better or worse than displaying a plastic Christmas tree in your home? – Neither option is particularly sustainable, so why not decorate something you already have in your own home? How about your partner’s favourite chair? Or the swiss cheese plant in the corner? (Or simply purchase a potted tree and replant it outdoors in the new year!)
  3. Cooking up a Christmas feast? Save on tin foil by gathering your family in the kitchen, arming each person with a fork, and inviting them to tuck into each piece of food as it comes straight out of the oven – it’ll never be hotter and will seem like you’ve rustled up a 13-course meal! (Alternatively, just cover the food temporarily with a glass or ceramic lid. Simples.)
  4. Go digital with your Christmas cards! Even recycling is an energy drain. Avoid it entirely and send a Moment instead!
  5. Hide in a cave and don’t come out until the evenings are lighter! Zero footprint!

Some of these options might be a bit far fetched… but it has got you thinking, right?

10 December, 2019.

Work Xmas Party

OK, you got through the year. Your bosses are murmuring warm words of appreciation, and there’s rumour of a New Year promotion in the pipeline coming your way. So…. what could go wrong? Ah… there’s the office Christmas party: the time of year when HR panic at the nightmarish prospect of the entire workforce letting its collective hair down, fuelled by free booze, snogging under the mistletoe and singing Slade’s ‘It’s Chrrrrriiiiiissssstttttmaasssssssss!!’ But does it really need to end in excruciating embarrassment or disciplinary action?

This year, get ahead of the game with a pre-emptive strike. Say thanks to the team around you who helped to make it an exceptional year; you’ve stuck together through thick and thin, you’ve delivered amazing results with tight budgets and even tighter deadlines.

And remember this, just in case you are tempted to photocopy your best features and share those with the whole company, a photocopier is not just for Xmas: it’s for everyone else to use during the 3-year term of the leasing contract!

4 December, 2019.

App Version 2.1!!!

We’re super excited to reveal that version 2.1 of Be Momentful is now available to download, bursting with some exciting new features:

– Plan and organise with “personal calendar”. Add all your dates, set alarms, even attach Moments to send on the day. Birthdays & anniversaries? Sorted!
– New WhatsApp integration; now you can let your WhatsApp contacts know when they have a Moment waiting.
– Super improved search to see more content quickly.
– Now over 1,000 cards in an even tinier app footprint. You’re welcome!

Download the updated app now!