The Most Emotional Time of the Year

That’s it, it’s December! Christmas has landed. Are you ready??

Christmas, and all its baubly, mulled-wine loveliness, is undeniably a wonderful time of the year; but let’s be honest, its in-your-face joy can also be a very real catalyst for many other less chipper emotions.

We’ve all been there at some point, unable to enjoy all the festive cheer because of one reason or another – whether it’s as trivial as not getting THE toy you wanted as a kid, right through to feeling deep and real sadness due to grief, loneliness, a break up, a tragedy (you get the picture). Christmas is a wonderful time for the happy ones, but it also shines a pretty twinkly light on some very raw and intense emotions for those less fortunate.

As many of us prepare to enjoy this wonderful time of year, let’s all take a minute to think about those who may need a little love – a friend, a family member, a colleague, a neighbour, someone in your community – there will be someone who needs that little pick me up.
So whether you’re looking to send a sweet Christmas kiss, or a gentle ‘I’m here’ hug, we’ve got you covered.

Look out for each other and keep spreading the festive love.

2 December, 2019.

Checking In

This time of year can be really difficult for some – do you know anyone who needs checking in on?
A straight-forward ‘how are you?’ is all it takes. No matter how long it’s been.

You might not know it, but you possess the magic power to make someone feel loved – to make them feel like they truly matter.

All it takes is a Moment.

A moment for checking in – for catching up. A moment to hear about what they’ve been up to – to hear about the good and the bad.

When you use that magic power, you inspire a little bit of magic in someone else… Maybe they’ll pass it on – they might take a moment to check in with someone else, or maybe to check in with you when you need it the most.

So, what are you waiting for? Take a Moment…

21 November, 2019.

Checking In Moments
Here’s a selection to choose from!

Get Well Soon

Holiday season is truly at an end. Colleagues have all returned from their vacations (including the October half term escapees) and are back behind their desks, bums on seats. Everyone has their head down, and the office is filled with the gentle chorus of fingers tapping on keyboards. There’s the click of a computer mouse here, an email pinging there – the productive sounds of office life (plus the occasional loud slurp of coffee – oh do be quiet Susan!).

Then suddenly, you hear it. A quiet sniffle… It’s nothing. Back to work.

The phone rings, while the printer hums – the harmonies of deals being made and contracts being signed. The clock ticks away, carrying the rhythm of a lunch break getting closer.

You hear it again. But this time it’s louder and followed by an almighty din. Like a lion’s roar, if the lion had stepped on a piece of Lego and sneezed at the same time. It’s Craig. He’s brought something gross back from his half term trip to Scotland. Something to share with everyone in the office.
No-one wants it. Damn you, Craig!

It’s a bit annoying when colleagues are ill as it means more work for everyone else, but perhaps we should try to be a little more sympathetic – a bigger person. Here are some handy Moments to send to the colleagues that can’t be with you in the office today; take a moment and think of them (as you double up your workload…).

11 November, 2019.

Get Well Soon Moments
Here’s a selection of ‘get well soon’ Moments to choose from.

To Good Health!

As we enter the colder, darker months, nasty bugs and viruses linger in the damp air around us, ready to swoop in through our breathing holes and make us snotty, exhausted and generally quite disgusting…

When the lurgy strikes, we all know the drill: send them to bed, tissues, grapes, orange juice and well wishes – and maybe a flower basket if it’s really bad.

But why wait?

If we really care about our friends, we ought to be wishing them good health before they succumb to the inevitable seasonal malady. We should slip them some fruit, toast to their well-being, and send them regular cards congratulating them on having and maintaining a clean bill of health.

Quick, get yourself on a Be Momentful subscription and liberally send “stay well” greetings to all those who matter. Here are some ideas for you to send:

4 November, 2019.

Stay Well Moments
Beat the bug and send a “stay well” Moment today!


The thrill of Halloween is upon us – and we love it! Vampires hosting dinner parties, with zombies serving food that looks like slime and eyeballs – what’s not to love?!

But why embrace this celebration of all that is ghoulish and ghastly? Pretending to be sinister characters and embracing blood and gore is more fun than frightening. So how come we are not more scared?

The science of fear is centered around our perception of threat or danger. If we sense something is genuinely scary, the body goes into a fight or flight mode. The pulse races, hair stands on end; we tremble. Doesn’t sound very pleasant, but actually it is! Everyone knows how good a rush of adrenaline can feel, but ultimately our brain can figure out in microseconds what’s a real threat or not. We delight in our our senses coming alive for a moment as we experience fear followed by the sheer relief when we realise it is not real: a trick followed by a treat.

So, knowing that we’re safe to embrace the fear and experience the terror, feel free to put the frighteners on your loved ones this Halloween and enjoy being spooked yourself. If someone you know deserves a fearful thrill, why not scare the pants off them with one of our creepy Halloween Moments.

Have a terrifying Halloween!!!!

31 October, 2019.

Halloween Moments
Send a Scare!

National Cat Day

Our cats appreciate us oh so very much – even if they don’t show it all the time (we’re looking at you, Whiskers…).

We feed them, cuddle them, maintain their Instagram accounts and ask for nothing in return except love and companionship – it’s a wonderful relationship.

They would do more for us if they could, like send us Moments to express their love, however, most cats don’t have thumbs… or smartphones…

It’s National Cat Day today, so send your crazy cat-loving friends this Moment from ‘Cardshit’ to spread some kitty love.

29 October, 2019.

Cat Moment from Cardshit
Find more Moments from Cardshit in the Be Momentful app.


The time has come to put those pretty lights up – and no, we don’t mean Christmas lights (please just try and wait a couple more weeks…).

Diwali is here (celebrated on Sunday 27th), bringing with it a host of stunning colours and lights.

Also known as ‘the Festival of Lights’, Diwali is celebrated by Hindus, Sikhs and Jains around the world. During the celebrations, which usually last a few days, families decorate their homes with oil lamps, called diyas, they share gifts, enjoy feasts and admire firework displays.

Whether you celebrate Diwali or not, this festival can offer reminders to us all – to chase away darkness by replacing it with light, and to remove negativity by replacing it with positivity.

Here’s a selection of Moments you can send to those special people who light up your life.

25 October, 2019.

Diwali Moments

Nice to See You

Hello, you look nice today!

In school, we were taught not to use the word “nice”… Why say “nice” when there are so many much more exciting words to choose from: like pleasant, wonderful, delightful, magnificent…. etc.

But really, we think “nice” is really quite a special word… and it’s simply nice to say nice things! So we’re starting-up the campaign to be ‘nice’ again!

If you know someone nice, why not send them a nice Moment to tell them how nice they make you feel inside!

Awwwh, nice!!

23 October, 2019.

Nice to See You Moments
Send a Moment today – just because you can!


They say it can be the hardest word… Fessing-up when we are in the wrong.

We can find ourselves somewhere on the spectrum of feeling ashamed or embarrassed, or sometimes simply choose to ignore or deny it. Perhaps just hoping for the moment to pass is the easiest (or most cowardly?) way to duck the issue. They can’t stay mad at us forever, right…? Or can they…?

Remember the days where arguments and fall outs were remedied by concerned parents or school teachers who encouraged (aka forced) us to make our apologies and move on. Now that we’re masters of our own destinies, we ought to be responsible for recognising when we’re in the wrong – and do the right thing. And that doesn’t mean just using the ‘S’ word as a token gesture – it needs a little more effort than that!

If you need to make a heartfelt, and maybe relationship-saving, apology today, then one of these Moments below might just show how much you really mean it.

15 October, 2019.

Sorry Moments
For Moments that say sorry the right way, browse the ‘Have to Say’ circle in the Be Momentful app.

When life isn’t Picture Perfect

We all know the first rule about mental health is: you don’t talk about mental health. But is that the right thing to do?

Life isn’t always like the movies; it isn’t always picture perfect and sometimes we struggle to see that it’s a wonderful life, or feel the sunshine in our not-so-spotless minds.

Interestingly, (for film buffs amongst us) the three films referenced above actually portray characters struggling with mental health issues, which shows us that awareness of mental health has come a long way over the decades; it’s depicted in movies, described in songs and illustrated in art. And why shouldn’t it be – the World Health Organisation has found that one in four of us will be affected by mental or neurological disorders at some point in our lives. More and more of us are acknowledging the issues that 25% of the population are struggling with, but it’s hard to know how to act on the problem and its magnitude.

On World Mental Health Day, Be Momentful encourages you to reach out to someone – maybe you need it, maybe they need it. Just find a moment and share it.

Be Momentful today – after all, it is a wonderful life.

10 October, 2019