The thrill of Halloween is upon us – and we love it! Vampires hosting dinner parties, with zombies serving food that looks like slime and eyeballs – what’s not to love?!

But why embrace this celebration of all that is ghoulish and ghastly? Pretending to be sinister characters and embracing blood and gore is more fun than frightening. So how come we are not more scared?

The science of fear is centered around our perception of threat or danger. If we sense something is genuinely scary, the body goes into a fight or flight mode. The pulse races, hair stands on end; we tremble. Doesn’t sound very pleasant, but actually it is! Everyone knows how good a rush of adrenaline can feel, but ultimately our brain can figure out in microseconds what’s a real threat or not. We delight in our our senses coming alive for a moment as we experience fear followed by the sheer relief when we realise it is not real: a trick followed by a treat.

So, knowing that we’re safe to embrace the fear and experience the terror, feel free to put the frighteners on your loved ones this Halloween and enjoy being spooked yourself. If someone you know deserves a fearful thrill, why not scare the pants off them with one of our creepy Halloween Moments.

Have a terrifying Halloween!!!!

31 October, 2019.

Halloween Moments
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