They say it can be the hardest word… Fessing-up when we are in the wrong.

We can find ourselves somewhere on the spectrum of feeling ashamed or embarrassed, or sometimes simply choose to ignore or deny it. Perhaps just hoping for the moment to pass is the easiest (or most cowardly?) way to duck the issue. They can’t stay mad at us forever, right…? Or can they…?

Remember the days where arguments and fall outs were remedied by concerned parents or school teachers who encouraged (aka forced) us to make our apologies and move on. Now that we’re masters of our own destinies, we ought to be responsible for recognising when we’re in the wrong – and do the right thing. And that doesn’t mean just using the ‘S’ word as a token gesture – it needs a little more effort than that!

If you need to make a heartfelt, and maybe relationship-saving, apology today, then one of these Moments below might just show how much you really mean it.

15 October, 2019.

Sorry Moments
For Moments that say sorry the right way, browse the ‘Have to Say’ circle in the Be Momentful app.