The Burnt Out Brain | Be Momentful

The Burnt Out Brain

Art that educates and destigmatizes mental health, leading to a more compassionate world.

Jenny Zemanek | Be Momentful

Jenny Zemanek

Jenny finds joy in the small decorative details and finding ways to add personality to her lettering art.

Atelier Titty | Be Momentful

Atelier Titty

Atelier Titty is a self-taught illustrator, exploring issues of mental health through her artwork.

Lucy Maggie Designs | Be Momentful

Lucy Maggie Designs

Hilarious Moments inspired by current trends and popular culture!

Jess Moorhouse | Be Momentful

Jess Moorhouse

Jess is a multi disciplinary illustrator with a passion for all things bright and fun!

Jane Sanders | Be Momentful

Jane Sanders

Jane’s illustrations are thoughtfully detailed and beautifully composed.

Letteramuta | Be Momentful


Lettermuta is your one stop shop for positive illustrations.

Rachel Victoria Hillis | Be Momentful

Rachel Victoria Hillis

Rachel’s artwork is infused with painted plants and botanical gardens.

Janie Stapleton | Be Momentful

Janie Stapleton

Janie’s artwork explores the ins and outs of emotional intelligence.

Roodee Creative | Be Momentful

Roodee Creative

Inspired by books from her own childhood, Roodee creates simple, clean and whimsical drawings.