Drawstax | Be Momentful


Illustrator and artist Jon is heavily inspired by mediums such as tattooing and line art, whilst also spreading awareness of mental health and wellbeing issues.

Steph Does Pictures | Be Momentful

Steph Does Pictures

Living her childhood dream, storybook illustrator Steph loves working in ink with a limited colour palette.

MsDre | Be Momentful


MsDre’s work reflects her great loves of the past, and is inspired by Greek myths, the 1920s, and all manner of vintage wonders.

Envy Row | Be Momentful

Envy Row

The art Nicola creates reflects her humorous outlook and personal interests in exploring nature and human behaviour.

Teal Zebra Designs | Be Momentful

Teal Zebra Designs

Rachel uses a combination of traditional watercolour, gouache and digital techniques to create her designs.

The Burnt Out Brain | Be Momentful

The Burnt Out Brain

Art that educates and destigmatizes mental health, leading to a more compassionate world.

Jenny Zemanek | Be Momentful

Jenny Zemanek

Jenny finds joy in the small decorative details and finding ways to add personality to her lettering art.

Atelier Titty | Be Momentful

Atelier Titty

Atelier Titty is a self-taught illustrator, exploring issues of mental health through her artwork.

Lucy Maggie Designs | Be Momentful

Lucy Maggie Designs

Hilarious Moments inspired by current trends and popular culture!

Jess Moorhouse | Be Momentful

Jess Moorhouse

Jess is a multi disciplinary illustrator with a passion for all things bright and fun!