Bright & Beautiful

Colours are powerful. They’re not just pretty or expressive – they make us feel, think, and react.

Did you think CEOs just shut their eyes and throw a dart at a rainbow to pick their brand colours? Maybe just went for their favourite one?

When it comes to organisations, artwork, horticulture… almost anything… colours aren’t random. There’s a science. Here’s a little insight into colour – and how they can influence us:

This is a passionate, strong, and emotive colour. It can signify all sorts of strong and exciting sensations, including danger, love and fire.

A calming colour that suggests peace, loyalty and tranquility – although it’s also often associated with sadness and melancholy. Blue is a collected colour, and a great choice for businesses as it can increase productivity and organisation.

Sunny and friendly, yellow is also a neutral colour and often chosen by to-be parents that don’t know the sex of their baby. Yellow is inviting and friendly, however it can also be associated with warnings and hazards.

Occasionally associated with royalty and wealth, purple also provokes feelings of wisdom, magic and spirituality.

Like the leaves on a tree, green is often linked to nature, freshness and good health. Alternatively, green is also connected to positivity and confirmation – such as ‘green means go’.

Regardless of its shade, pink regularly echoes sweetness, sophistication and care. Similar to the passionate qualities of red – but with a more empathetic tone.

Like the potency of the colour itself, black signifies strength, power and formality. Choosing black as a key brand colour also depicts formality and security.

Considered as a simple, honest and innocent shade, white can also provoke feelings of openness and integrity.

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