We love stuff

We can’t help ourselves.  Everyone has a penchant for collecting some object of desire – usual culprits include shoes, bags and watches. The more affluent (show-offs) amongst us may extend this to cars, houses, works of art and race-horses. Other obscure collections can be more geeky like sporting memorabilia, celebrity artefacts, tattoos and records. Nothing wrong in that –one might say. Everyone is entitled to a bit of healthy self-indulgence and if we’ve earned it – like the tv ad says – “we’re worth it!”. For some it’s about displaying prestige; for others it’s an investment; many hoard to fill a gap in their neediness.

All well and good, but it’s when it all gets a bit too obsessional or irrational, that we might need to worry. Logically speaking no-one needs several hundreds of pairs of shoes. And a bag, is a bag, is a bag. And it doesn’t matter HOW MANY you own – there is never one where everything fits in!?? What about when you’ve tattooed every inch of your body? Start on the inside!? WTF?

If you know someone with a bit of a stuff habit, try to gently hint that they might be better using their energies (and money) in spending more time with you. Send one of these Moments. If that fails, tell them you have a second-hand Hermes Ostrich bag you found in a charity shop for £10! That’ll get them round for tea!