Flower Power

Flower power

All this month, with the transition from dark winter to lighter spring on the way, we’re going to celebrate the irresistible power of flowers 
Smells, colours, symbols, decorations, gifts interior design, fashion – the power of flowers is versatile and inspiring. No more so than the healing power of flowers.

Some of us may already embrace complimentary therapies which use flower remedies to treat chronic illness and conditions but most of us are blissfully aware that many common-or-garden flowers have proven healing properties. Jasmin, Cornflower, Yarrow, Chamomile, Lavender, Hibiscus and even the humble Marigold: all have traditional healing properties for a wide-ranging set of ailments such as high blood pressure, burns, digestion, immunity, gout, headaches, constipation and menstrual pain. 

Flowers are nature’s gift to us. They brighten our lives, shift and change our moods, envelope us with every kind of scent, turn our houses into homes and even heal our wounds.

Use our flower Moments to send someone a tonic for their mind and health.