Love hearts

Love is….

There are over a thousand pop songs with “love” in the title… with many artists trying to define the very essence of love. So, this Valentine’s Day we can think of no better way than to surrender ourselves to the contemporary bards of our times to help us truly understand the true expression of love….

Love is kind / Love is blind
Love is a question mark / Love is the answer
Love is in the air / Love is like oxygen
Love is a stranger / Love is the drug
Love is on our side / Love is a battlefield
Love is a silent thief / Love is the law
Love is the key / Love is a losing game
Love is like an itching in my heart (hmm..)
Love is thicker than water (eww!)
Love is a bourgeois construct (eh?)
Love is a laserquest (???)

Confused? Don’t be; love is whatever you want it to be… no label required. Or songs for that matter.
Use any of these Valentine’s Moments and express yourself to someone you love.