The Honeymoon Period for Resolutions is Over!

January is the month of good intentions. Many of us vow to make positive changes and or start new diets or exercise regimes. And that’s to be congratulated!

January sees a 42% increase in gym memberships and a boost in internet searches around the latest fad diets. Whether it’s keto, 5:2, weight watchers, slimming world, sugar-free or meat-free, everyone’s just trying to find a way that works for them to achieve a healthier body and mind.

You might be one of the lucky ones who doesn’t need to embark on a weight loss mission or make any drastic changes. Or maybe you don’t buy-in to any of it at all? But you will probably know someone who does. You know the formula: we take a shot of motivation in early January, we team up with gym buddies and mutually congratulate ourselves with “likes” when how many miles have been run that day is posted, or how many pounds have been lost.

And then the big cloud in the sky rolls in; the killer blow for many diets and resolutions. Tomorrow – it’s February!!!

At this point 95% of diets fail. The good intentions start to lose their mojo. It feels like we’re denying ourselves the food we love. Progress is not as good as hoped, and the Sunday morning runs now have to be undertaken alone. The inspiring words from bored loved ones also dries up – just at a time when they are most needed.

Don’t let motivational lethargy kick in. Make a special effort to keep spurring those in need on – you may just be instrumental to their success!

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31 January, 2020.