And the Winner Is…

Hot on the heels of last week’s BAFTAs comes the glamour-fest of them all – the Oscars. A night traditionally renowned for the beautiful people to back-slap and out-frock each other all the way up the red carpet; swiftly followed by extravagant after-parties that we all gawp at from the (dis)comfort of our IKEA sofas. However, more recently, the occasion has become more associated with bitter controversy and criticism: elitism, racism, sexism, you-name-it-ism. Maybe it’s just a jolly for the privileged that has had its day? Get woke, Hollywood!

Perhaps we should be looking closer to home for the real stars of the firmament who truly deserve the awards and recognition? There are so many people who we may think of as playing a major role in this long-running production we call life. Who, for example, might you nominate as playing a leading role in your life? (Please say it’s your significant other, for pity’s sake!) Who would get the award for the best supporting role? Your mum, dad or bestie? Who deserves the accolade for giving you direction? And any newcomers recently arrived on the scene that you have had your eye on? 😉

When we think about it, it takes a huge cast and a tremendous production to get one little human through life. Most of us don’t do it for the accolades or the gongs (although a few of those to prop open the odd door might be nice). So, this Sunday, instead of enviously staying up late to ogle the gorgeous and the talented, perhaps spend some time reaching out to those twinkling stars that have made you the special talent you are. Choose any of these Moments and deliver them a thrill as big as hearing… “and the winner is…..”

7 February, 2020.