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Eco-Friendly in 2020

If you’ve not heard of Greta Thunberg or David Attenborough, that’s ok (not really), but maybe just take a minute to google and get up to speed.

In recent years, climate change has peaked in the headlines and for flaming good reasons! We – seemingly intelligent humans – are solely responsible for the demise, or saviour, of this planet; so it’s time to get serious. Whatever you think about its causes and roots.

As individuals, it’s easy to brush aside responsibility – we blame the big guns, the politicians, the corporates – but if all of us meagre little guys make small changes ourselves, we WILL make a difference. 

So how can you help? Well friends, if the rubbish bin is still filling quicker than the recycling one, we should hang our heads in shame – and get recycling! Or, even better… make smart and responsible conscious consumer choices – because let’s face it, we’ve all been wooed and led along by the devil that is disposable consumerism for far, far too long. 

Here are a few easy ways we can all make a difference:

  • Make clothes last – do you really need fashion that will be deemed boring in a month? Stay classic, stay classy. And when you’ve had enough of them – donate them to a charity shop – or recycle the material.
  • Choose food minus the packaging – does your broccoli really need a plastic mac? No. No it does not.
  • Car-share – saves both planet and pennies! Better still… walk!
  • Send love, not paper cards. There’s nothing lovelier than sending heartfelt words to someone who matters, knowing it’ll be received with the the same affection – but do those words have to be etched in paper and ink? With the world at our fingertips, you can find that greeting, in a Moment right there on your phone – all without the guilt of hurting trees, generating waste, or racking up transport miles to deliver it. Wahoo!

Yes, we all love sending paper cards but we need to love the planet too – so, maybe it’s time to make a stand and choose Be Momentful to deliver ALL our hugs, kisses, missives and greetings to our loved ones – wherever they are in the world – but in an ecological and sustainable way.

Love sending, love trees… end of.

27 January, 2020.