Employee Appreciation

You’re a star!

It’s Employee Appreciation Day and our very own Steve at Be Momentful helps companies to improve employee wellbeing in the workplace through using the app. Here’s his take on the importance of appreciation and recognition at work.

“Saying ‘thank you’. It’s such a simple gesture. Often forgotten. Sometimes neglected. Always appreciated. Always important. Great that there is now an official day for Employee Appreciation- BUT JUST THE ONE!?

We’ve all been there at one time or another. We’ve taken one for the team. We’ve gone above and beyond. We’ve cancelled plans and worked until late. We’ve swapped shifts at no-notice and we’ve offered our emotional support…for free! That’s because we’re caring, sharing people: a credit to our managers and our companies. Ideally, we would expect a bone of gratitude thrown back our way, right? Erm…sadly that’s not always the case. Come on, admit it – we’ve all been guilty of occasionally forgetting to show our appreciation as well as not receiving it.

So, when did saying ‘thank you’ get so damned challenging? Did we run out of new ways to say it, so assumed it was best just to give up entirely? Are we that busy we don’t have the time these days? Better things to do? Or maybe we’re worried that an email or instant message saying ‘thanks’ (emoji thumbs-up) just isn’t enough anymore? Seems like saying the right thing; in the right way; at the right time: a is becoming a dying art.

That’s a shame. Because we really can’t place a monetary value on that warm, fuzzy feeling that we get whenever someone reaches out with a personal touch and extends their gratitude. It’s a beautiful, human emotion that from a work perspective, can make all the difference between an ‘ok’ day, and a great day. Or turn a stressful one, to a worthwhile one.

Can’t argue, right? So, let’s all try harder to spread some smiles around our workplaces.”

If you’d like to know how Be Momentful can boost employee wellbeing in your workplace contact Steve (ask@1616.media) or just send a deserving colleague one of these Moments.