Blue Monday

Blue Monday

It’s Blue Monday today.

Blue Monday is supposedly the most depressing day of the year… It’s still dark and cold (possibly even darker and colder), we’re surviving on pennies whilst waiting for pay-day, we’ve already failed our new year’s resolutions, motivation is low, traffic is terrible and worst of all… it’s Monday. shudder

Well, that’s what the media would have us believe… when really, it’s not all so bad!

Monday is a day to feel chipper, following an exciting little two-day holiday known as a ‘weekend’ – and if you didn’t manage to do everything that you wanted to, you’ve got another one to look forward to next week – that’s only 5 sleeps away!

And whilst we’re focusing on the positives of today, how great is it that you were able to get up this morning?! To hop out of bed, to wash in some hot water, to perhaps drink some delicious coffee and maybe listen to some music. How invigorating!

Maybe you didn’t do any of those things – maybe you didn’t quite make it out of bed this morning… And that’s okay! You’re probably all snuggled up, toasty warm!

There are positives to be found in every day, even on Mondays, you just need to know how to look for them. Why not send someone a little positivity today and help to make this Monday a little less blue.

20 January, 2020.