Where's your head at

Where’s your head at?

A very good question once posed by electro-funksters, Basement Jaxx. Thanks guys.

Just as spring edges its way over the murky winter horizon, and our brains, bodies and souls are waking from hibernation, we find ourselves into an extended, enforced isolation. New territory for us all. Some of us might be bouncing of all for walls with vigour and get-go; some of us will feel like we’ve got a hangover. Many of us will be nursing the effects, partially or totally, of a bout of Covid-19.

Spring is supposed to be the starting pistol for all things fresh, new and vibrant. The air smells different, the sun bursts into our days earlier and lingers longer on our skin. There’s an outbreak of new life excitement all around us – births, colour, growth! Yikes!

There will be some of us who feel the energy, but others who aren’t so lucky. For those of you positively bounding into Spring and keeping it all together, keep an eye out for the folks who might have less bounce in their step. They might need a transfusion of your energy to help get their heads in the right place.

No-one asked for this pandemic; no-one wants to be in this position – but we are where we are, and we all have to help each other get through it.

Why not send a Spring inspired Moment to keep things on track.