Coping Alone

Coping Alone

Be Momentful’s own in-house psychologist, Louise, helps bring some perspective to what we might be experiencing during lockdown.

“The idea of taking an extended ‘stay at home’ break might have sounded a pretty easy touch to some: a bit of a break from the normal hectic routine; going to work in your pyjamas! But in reality, we are now scrambling to make sense of this unparalleled interruption to our ideas about work / home / productivity / leisure / socialising.

Living with the absence of social interaction is the main and unexpected feature of our new Covid-19 lockdown. Why’s that a big deal? Because we humans are social beings. We require social interactions, both positive and negative, to find our way through our social and work environments. These interactions boost our mental health and provide feelings of worth and belonging. Without these, we risk falling into depression, anxiety and paranoia.

Individuals who now find themselves in social isolation, particularly those who are living alone, are in danger of developing anxiety, paranoia and a reduced tolerance to small stress factors i.e. inability to cope. Early signs such as disrupted sleep patterns, increased napping and lack of motivation or goals may appear. So, as we face a prolonged period of social isolation ahead of us – we should all introduce as many tactics into our daily routine to stave off these effects. For example:

– Make the most of your daily exercise, and make sure you try and spend that time outdoors whenever possible (whilst following social distancing guidelines). Breathe the fresh air. See the Spring appearing around us bringing new life.

– Take time to appreciate what you do have; sit and unwind from the small stresses that build-up with the increased uncertainty that we are currently facing. Remember. We’re all in the same boat. We will be fine if we stick together.

– Finally, whilst social media isn’t always your best friend, in times like this it is an ideal outlet to give you a dose of social interaction needed to keep you going. Just don’t believe half of what you hear! But most of all: connect everyday with your family, friends, and loved ones. One small message will make a world of difference and stop us feeling as if we are alone.”

Stay safe, stay positive and keep sending folks