No Limits

No Limits

Many of you (of course!) have been eagerly anticipating World Bicycle Day!

There are 2 billion bicycles in the world; that averages out to about one per family for the whole planet! This contrasts spectacularly with only 92 million cars. So, clearly bicycles are the world’s favourite mode of transport.

Here in the UK there are around 3m new bikes bought each year (that compares to 2.5 million new cars). Since lockdown, bicycle sales have boomed by 500%. And that can only be a good thing: it’s a cleaner, healthier, more fun way to commute or enjoy your leisure time. It you haven’t been out peddling by now, get your rusty bike out of the shed and make it road-ready… or maybe buy yourself a new one? It’s a good excuse!

Send one of these invitations your cycle chums and do yourself and the planet some good.

Image courtesy of Xavi Cabrera