Most of us now know by now who Greta Thunberg or David Attenborough are. Most of us recognise that climate change is probably THE biggest challenge for the planet in the next decade (or two – if we have that long). And whatever one thinks about its causes and root, it’s time to get serious…

As individuals, it’s easy to brush aside responsibility and blame the big guns, the politicians, the corporates – but if all of us meagre little guys can make small changes ourselves; it WILL make a difference.

That’s why we say: send love, not paper cards.

Nothing lovelier than sending heartfelt words to someone special, knowing it’ll be received with the same affection – but do those words have to be etched in paper and ink? We offer you an emotional universe of greetings called Moments – right here on your phone – all without the guilt of hurting trees, generating waste, or racking up transport miles to deliver them. Love unlimited…wahoo!

Yes, we might all love sending paper cards but we need to love the planet too – so, maybe it’s time to make a stand and choose Be Momentful to deliver ALL our hugs, kisses, missives and greetings (even a poke in the eye) to our loved ones – wherever they are in the world. And in a tree-hugging, sustainable way to boot.

Love sending and love trees… it’s a simple ask. And as you are here, we guess you agree!