Nestled in the rural backwaters of North Yorkshire, we are a collective of passionate technologists, creatives and dreamers who dreamt up a better way of keeping people connected to those that matter most.  As well as our team here in Yorkshire, UK, we also have an extended team in both the US and Pakistan which brings a welcome breath of diversity and skills to our efforts.

We also have a wonderfully eclectic community of talented creators and artists from all over the world who contribute massively to our stock in trade: our Moment cards. Together they represent most cultures, religions and lifestyles and use this to reflect their individualistic and diverse take on life and Its meaning through their artwork. Meet the artists

However, it is here in Blighty where the alchemy of technology, artistry and emotion combine to create Be Momentful.  Part science of human behaviour and psychology; part techno-wizardry and part creative intuition – but all engineered for emotion.

If you think you have something unique to offer our ambition of being the world’s best-loved, emotionally-centric lifestyle brand, then contact us here