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Last Lemon

Last Lemon | Be Momentful

Northern California


What's to love about Last Lemon?

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Last Lemon has a myriad of Moments available to convey any vehicle of emotion. From reminiscing about the good old days, to spending time with family, or finishing a project. Their lighthearted observations about life will make you smile, laugh and want to share them!

Last Lemon | Be Momentful

Happy Egg

Lose yourself on a summer's day

Last Lemon | Be Momentful

Happiness is

All the things that make us happy and secure

Last Lemon | Be Momentful

Harolds planet

The weird and wonderful

Last Lemon | Be Momentful


For when you just want to take someone down a peg

20+ years and still going STRONG - up mountains that scratch the clouds, through a sea of faces, via London, Paris, Cape Town, the Kalahari, Maui and Northern California, (fires, wind and red wine being the common threads).