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Last Lemon

Last Lemon | Be Momentful

Northern California


What's to love about Last Lemon?

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Last Lemon has myriad Moments available to convey any vehicle of emotion you could possibly wish for. Great to reminisce about the moments of happiness throughout life, from spending time with family to finishing a project. Lighthearted little observations about life and its dull complexities. Moments of passion, love and general silliness. Last Lemon have everything for everyone!

Last Lemon | Be Momentful

Happy Egg

Lose yourself on a summer's day

Last Lemon | Be Momentful

Happiness is

All the things that make us happy and secure

Last Lemon | Be Momentful

Harolds planet

The weird and wonderful

Last Lemon | Be Momentful


For when you just want to take someone down a peg

20+ years and still going STRONG – up mountains that scratch the clouds, through a sea of faces, via London, Paris, Cape Town, the Kalahari, Maui and Northern California, (fires, wind and red wine being the common threads).